English-Russian, English-Ukrainian professional translator


Ukraine and Russia are two largest European countries with fast economic growth. Both countries have big import potential which makes them attractive for companies striving to access new markets. There is a lot to gain from economic and cultural connections for all sides. But the key of successful cooperation is clear communication. That is why a professional translator with knowledge of cultural differences and expertise in a given field is an important figure.

In most cases hiring a freelance translator is the best solution. One should not fall into a trap thinking that translation is something that can be done by everyone who speaks the language. Translation is a profession that requires training apart from knowing two languages. More yet, a translator should have extensive knowledge and experience of translating in her fields of expertise.

Oksana, a translator with years’ experience, will be happy to assist you with English-Russian and English-Ukrainian translations, editing, proofreading and website localization. I guarantee high quality of translation and localization, fidelity to the original text, clarity, good style and meeting the deadlines.